About Us

"Stay Youthful the Herbal Way"

Kardeeraj Beauty Centre was set up in 2000 in the vicinity of Puchong. Kardeeraj core value is to deliver service, quality, professionalism and results.

We are full-service beauty and hair salon dedicated to consistency providing high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent service, quality products and furnishing serene atmosphere at an affordable price vs value relationship.

We also maintain friendly, fair, creative and innovative work environment which respects diversity, ideas, and hard work. Our service range from herbal beauty care treatments, hair treatment packages and body massage therapy.


  • To be the number one beauty and hair treatment
  • To be the number one leading franchising domestically and globally
  • To be among the sole distributors for skin care products


  • To enhance and ensure the quality and safety of the products
  • Offering value for money for both products & service
  • Maintaining a high standard & professionalism
  • To form a long and lasting courtship with all clients and franchisees
  • To enhance sustainability and reliability of service level with competitive pricing